How To Rock The Green Eye Shadow Look!

How to rock the green eye shadow look!! Another stunning example of commitment to quality and color.

With different palettes, creats contrast with the green shades. Craft a professional look by combining two textures and colors for perfectly styled eyes. The duo powders with additional shades present an incredible. sensationalistic, irreproachable and long-lasting effect. The first matte and intense, and second light colored and highly shimmery are ideally combined in a single palette so you can achieve ultra-graphic contrasts on the eyelid, in next no time.

Green Eye Shadows With Contrast

Green eyeshadow is a gorgeous color that looks great on any skin tone. And, if worn correctly it will help your eye color pop. The key to make the hue wearable to mix the green with some gold eyeshadow or a choice of your favorite combination. Check out these tips on how to wear the color :


Fair Skin Tones 


Do a true bright shade of green which will look great against pale skin and light hair. The key is to wear a lot of black mascara and keep the rest of the face bare/nude.


Medium Skin Tones


Use a muted shade of green with gold flecks in it. This will be more flattering for warm undertones.


Dark Skin Tones 


Use an olive green color which will look ‘Gorgeous’. Apply a heavy black eyeliner to help define your eyes. When you put bright color on darker skin, you tend to loose the shape of the eye, so its nice to provide extra defination with the liner.